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Guess Celebrates 30 years with Schiffer’s supermodel Awesomness

Henry Holland to mentor on Rihanna’s UK fashion show

I guess this is really sweet news for her fans but kinda redundant for the fashion world so if you haven’t heard Rihanna is bringing a fashion show to the UK.

Nicest I've seen her look in a long time...wearing Alexander Wang.

Ok, well maybe in the US these shows are popping up everywhere thanks to Ms. Heidi Klum and the fabulous Project Runway franchise. Although an over saturation of a good thing is never ever “cute”.

rihanna in holland's suspender tights back in 2011

Apparently the show will be looking for a design star for a 10 week stint and the winner will design an outfit for Rihanna’s tour in London or some shizz like that…. booo-ring. I’m sorry Rihanna is completely awesome when it comes to producing great studio albums but is she really an authority on fashion? My jury is way far from a verdict on that. Oh, she has plans to be a designer I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of the word #cake in her clothes if her twitter timeline is anything to go by.

Best part of this show is Henry Holland the famed London contemporary designer who will be having co-hosting duties. Love him and everything I’ve ever seen him doing live has been FUN!

British designer Henry Holland

Here is his two cents on the venture via www.Vogue.co.uk

“I’m really excited about this new show,” said Holland. “I think it’s a great concept and a brilliant opportunity and platform for designers and stylists. A chance to work with Rihanna and some great mentors across the music and fashion industries is definitely something I wish I had been lucky enough to be able to do when I was starting out.”

“It’s a tough industry to crack so it’s going to take more hard work than they can even imagine as well as masses of creative flair and a genuine love of fashion,”

Mischa Barton did this……..

Former The O.C starlet…should I have just left off ‘The O.C’ and wrote former starlet? I keep thinking that I should, you know? BECAUSE what has she really done since?

Ummm…apparently start an overpriced website with her mom selling everything but kitchen sinks. Maybe kitchen sinks are coming next based on the current catalogue?

It’s called Mischa’s Place and the price is really on the higher end of the spectrum not luxury quality but it pretty much costs the same as merited brands like J.Crew, Rebecca Minkoff, Tracy Reese and Tibi.

I have to admit I like one single dress.  See below:

What is baffling to me…is where is her brand appeal? I understand celebrities expanding their portfolios to  include fashion not necessarily because they are passionate about it but manufacturers seeing dollar signs and encourage this folly. It starts with the obligatory perfume, perfume set and then next poof they are designers! Saturating the market and making the start hard for talented, driven creatives like myself who are then force to whore themselves out to reality television programs in order to gain exposure. (I am not whoring myself out to anyone or any entity, btw. My day is soon and you guys will be the first to hear of my design projects when all is well and sorted.)

Mischa’s Place maybe an extraordinary success or a failed venture only time will tell. One thing is for sure she is no style icon and they should take that out of her biography stat.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Bold Interview Germany Cover

Jennifer Lawrence looks great in this black Dolce and Gabbana body suit.

Honestly, I still think she should replace Natalia Vodianova as the face of Calvin Klein’s perfume Euphoria. She already has a great relationship with the house.

Hunger Games mania has officially gripped the United States and her star quality is undeniable. Here is a link to the interview and if you can read german awesome if not use google translator and find more about the in demand starlet.

Katniss wearing a gorge Paco Rabbane metal link dress.

The photos were taken by the photographer Matthias Vriens-McGrath and styled by Elizabeth Stewart. Paco Rabanne and Giles round out the most interesting metal dresses worn by Jennifer in the shoot. I’m reading around about a modern-glam grunge interpretation but all I get from these photos are futuristic warrior princess.

Jennifer wear Giles for Interview Germany photoshoot

To each his own opinion, I suppose.  She still looks bombshell amazing, as usual.

Kenneth Cole Collection: High Price, Higher Design

I was very aware of the Kenneth Cole Line as a matter of fact I’m pretty sure every American is very aware of the Kenneth Cole Line. It is what I consider perfect workwear. It just blends seamlessly into your daywear wardrobe for great office looks. I know I keep saying office but to be honest I always envision his main line as geared towards working professionals like Liz Clairborne back in their heyday.

Upwards and onwards for the KC brand it seems for the philanthropic designer is coming out with a new higher priced line made in super luxury fabrics. Black is still the DNA of the brand but a few splotches of blue and marron have found themselves into the mix. Prices start at 400USD and it pretty much climbs from there.

Here is a look of my faves from the offering of both womenswear and menswear with a few accessories sprinkled in. Enjoy.

Karl Lagerfeld and His Recently Salacious Mouth

I have found from experience that as people get older their mouths get looser and their opinions more frequently given. Not the greatest thing in the world at least I tell you from the get go this is my opinion I don’t care. I guess Karl feels the same as I do because he has been throwing a tonne of opinions around the journalistic community for the fashion lot to sop up.

I’ll give you the most interesting thing he has said and the most ridiculous.


Chanel Tweed suits from the 1960s era.

Karl is claiming that famed designer Oleg Cassini and a well known favourite of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ copied the “Chanel” pink tweed suit worn the day her husband was assassinated. Apparently this was a source of debate for a long time. I never suspected it was a line-for-line copy either. How cool? Though it may have been a copy made at an independent atelier in New York using Chanel materials but it appears not to be the Oleg Cassini atelier. I hope someone from the Oleg Cassani design company shoots down these accusations Karl has made fast. I know the house is still in operation and makes gowns for David’s Bridal.

Jackie O. wearing the debated Chanel suit.


Fashion critic Robin Givhan, a Pultizer journalistic prize winning lady, wrote an article claiming two fairly TRUE statements about the lovely Karl. She made mention to the fact that he was overrated and merely suggested he was spread to thin. The latter statement I tend to agree with immensely.

Robin Givhan

Karl, however, took grave offense to these statements and went off on a tangent on the editor and Newsweek publication proclaiming them both to be dead.

Monsieur Lagerfeld said:

“First of all, Tina Brown’s magazine is not doing well at all…She is dying. I’m sorry for Tina Brown, who was such a success at ‘Vanity Fair,’ to go down with a shitty little paper like this. I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry? HAHA! He can just suffer from the foot in mouth disease at times. This year it’s been pretty regular.

Newsweek responded however saying they are doing quite well, NOBODY’S DYING and if you read between the lines like me that Karl is just a bitter old man.


Let me be terribly honest…I did not watch this season that fervently. I am glad that unlike Project Runway Regular a clear winner was chosen and not a judge favourite but a winner by merit.

Many felt that Mondo Guerra should have won his cycle of Project Runway Season 8. Gretchen was ridic, unrelatable and mean. I am one of those people so it was nice to see him redeem himself in the All Stars competition which was hosted by the boooring Angela Lindvall. Boo.

It was a pretty condensed collection to be honest but compared to the other two designers. It was the clear winner.

See the photos below.

What the F is up with the hair? Love the entire look, however.

I think this design has great potential but there are elements that have to be refined and toned down to make it work.

I don't hate this but I mean I'm not blown away either.

Loving the Rorschach print. This would definitely be a hit with Neiman buyers.

I'm pretty confused about this dress' inclusion...so no comment.

Do you love it? I guess in all fairness I should show you the other designers’ work.


eww...too over the top!

This looks like the skirt is in the middle of a magic trick...and if I pull that tuft of tulle there's no telling what else will come out of my butt?

soo, out of place...the fabric looks cheap.

nicely done...one of my overall faves.

too basic and btw this hair and make-up styling is a little off.

Definitely the most beautiful piece from all the three contestants.


Victoria's Secret Catalogue


JC Penney's


The Full Brian Atwood Handbag Collection for Gilt: UPDATE

Brian Atwood Handbags

See the entire collection below.

Altuzarra collab with J. Crew

I think my love for New York fashion newcomer Joseph Altuzarra is extremely apparent. If you follow me on twitter which you should be doing you would know how much I look forward to his shows and just fawn over his collections every season since his debut.


A look from Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Collection

  @fashstraightup follow now!

Well I have honestly never been a great advocate of J.Crew. I’m not sure I’ve even mentioned it on the blog but I am aware of the brand. I think Michelle Obama being an avid fan of the brand is my most vivid memory.  See pictures below of some of the pieces on their site that caught my attention.

Honestly not hating the idea because J.Crew does really great wardrobe staples and Altuzarra is pretty cutting edge. If he is given the freedom to really create wardrobe staples with his signature uber cool outerwear and sexy body con dresses. I think this collab will be DY-NOO-MITE! We’ll soon find out in a few weeks what the two came up with.

Here’s what the designer said about the project:

“Well, it was a really interesting project because it was like a conflation of their language—or of their world—[and] of our world and putting it together,” he said. “And I think that was really interesting for me to work on.”

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