Let me be terribly honest…I did not watch this season that fervently. I am glad that unlike Project Runway Regular a clear winner was chosen and not a judge favourite but a winner by merit.

Many felt that Mondo Guerra should have won his cycle of Project Runway Season 8. Gretchen was ridic, unrelatable and mean. I am one of those people so it was nice to see him redeem himself in the All Stars competition which was hosted by the boooring Angela Lindvall. Boo.

It was a pretty condensed collection to be honest but compared to the other two designers. It was the clear winner.

See the photos below.

What the F is up with the hair? Love the entire look, however.

I think this design has great potential but there are elements that have to be refined and toned down to make it work.

I don't hate this but I mean I'm not blown away either.

Loving the Rorschach print. This would definitely be a hit with Neiman buyers.

I'm pretty confused about this dress' no comment.

Do you love it? I guess in all fairness I should show you the other designers’ work.


eww...too over the top!

This looks like the skirt is in the middle of a magic trick...and if I pull that tuft of tulle there's no telling what else will come out of my butt?

soo, out of place...the fabric looks cheap.

nicely of my overall faves.

too basic and btw this hair and make-up styling is a little off.

Definitely the most beautiful piece from all the three contestants.


Victoria's Secret Catalogue


JC Penney's



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