Mischa Barton did this……..

Former The O.C starlet…should I have just left off ‘The O.C’ and wrote former starlet? I keep thinking that I should, you know? BECAUSE what has she really done since?

Ummm…apparently start an overpriced website with her mom selling everything but kitchen sinks. Maybe kitchen sinks are coming next based on the current catalogue?

It’s called Mischa’s Place and the price is really on the higher end of the spectrum not luxury quality but it pretty much costs the same as merited brands like J.Crew, Rebecca Minkoff, Tracy Reese and Tibi.

I have to admit I like one single dress.  See below:

What is baffling to me…is where is her brand appeal? I understand celebrities expanding their portfolios to  include fashion not necessarily because they are passionate about it but manufacturers seeing dollar signs and encourage this folly. It starts with the obligatory perfume, perfume set and then next poof they are designers! Saturating the market and making the start hard for talented, driven creatives like myself who are then force to whore themselves out to reality television programs in order to gain exposure. (I am not whoring myself out to anyone or any entity, btw. My day is soon and you guys will be the first to hear of my design projects when all is well and sorted.)

Mischa’s Place maybe an extraordinary success or a failed venture only time will tell. One thing is for sure she is no style icon and they should take that out of her biography stat.


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