Altuzarra collab with J. Crew

I think my love for New York fashion newcomer Joseph Altuzarra is extremely apparent. If you follow me on twitter which you should be doing you would know how much I look forward to his shows and just fawn over his collections every season since his debut.


A look from Altuzarra Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Collection

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Well I have honestly never been a great advocate of J.Crew. I’m not sure I’ve even mentioned it on the blog but I am aware of the brand. I think Michelle Obama being an avid fan of the brand is my most vivid memory.  See pictures below of some of the pieces on their site that caught my attention.

Honestly not hating the idea because J.Crew does really great wardrobe staples and Altuzarra is pretty cutting edge. If he is given the freedom to really create wardrobe staples with his signature uber cool outerwear and sexy body con dresses. I think this collab will be DY-NOO-MITE! We’ll soon find out in a few weeks what the two came up with.

Here’s what the designer said about the project:

“Well, it was a really interesting project because it was like a conflation of their language—or of their world—[and] of our world and putting it together,” he said. “And I think that was really interesting for me to work on.”


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