Kenneth Cole Collection: High Price, Higher Design

I was very aware of the Kenneth Cole Line as a matter of fact I’m pretty sure every American is very aware of the Kenneth Cole Line. It is what I consider perfect workwear. It just blends seamlessly into your daywear wardrobe for great office looks. I know I keep saying office but to be honest I always envision his main line as geared towards working professionals like Liz Clairborne back in their heyday.

Upwards and onwards for the KC brand it seems for the philanthropic designer is coming out with a new higher priced line made in super luxury fabrics. Black is still the DNA of the brand but a few splotches of blue and marron have found themselves into the mix. Prices start at 400USD and it pretty much climbs from there.

Here is a look of my faves from the offering of both womenswear and menswear with a few accessories sprinkled in. Enjoy.



Let me be terribly honest…I did not watch this season that fervently. I am glad that unlike Project Runway Regular a clear winner was chosen and not a judge favourite but a winner by merit.

Many felt that Mondo Guerra should have won his cycle of Project Runway Season 8. Gretchen was ridic, unrelatable and mean. I am one of those people so it was nice to see him redeem himself in the All Stars competition which was hosted by the boooring Angela Lindvall. Boo.

It was a pretty condensed collection to be honest but compared to the other two designers. It was the clear winner.

See the photos below.

What the F is up with the hair? Love the entire look, however.

I think this design has great potential but there are elements that have to be refined and toned down to make it work.

I don't hate this but I mean I'm not blown away either.

Loving the Rorschach print. This would definitely be a hit with Neiman buyers.

I'm pretty confused about this dress' no comment.

Do you love it? I guess in all fairness I should show you the other designers’ work.


eww...too over the top!

This looks like the skirt is in the middle of a magic trick...and if I pull that tuft of tulle there's no telling what else will come out of my butt?

soo, out of place...the fabric looks cheap.

nicely of my overall faves.

too basic and btw this hair and make-up styling is a little off.

Definitely the most beautiful piece from all the three contestants.


Victoria's Secret Catalogue


JC Penney's


#unnngh @ Rihanna, Why Did You Ruin A Perfectly Good Tuxedo Dress?


She looks just like “Oh shoot, my luggage got lost and all I had was this jacket, this wig and these heels. Thanks hobo bum for these shades too!”

There you have it Rihanna and her stylists thought her lack of luggage would result in a great fashion moment.


Unnnnngh…no love.

They should have styled it similarly to the way it was styled in the Stella McCartney’s Evening Spring lookbook for greater impact. I’m so annoyed because it’s such a nice jacket-dress. I can’t believe she went to do movie interviews in that shittyly styled get-up and those stupid claw nails!

MORE IS MORE…I said it on twitter. Exhibit A.


Golden Globes Badly(cuz worst is soo overused) Dressed: The Bottom 5 in no order

BADGELY AND MISCHKA need to be blacklisted from the next awards show for making this EXTREMELY unflaterring dress for the amazingly talented Melissa McCarthy. I'm not just the nice stuff just because. It's true. This is a catastrophe. The draping makes her look like a 500 pound woman. A good stylist would have never picked this.

Amanda Peet ususally makes good style choices. This is a big hot mess. The fabric actually looks lovely but the tiers are are all wrong. Her beautiful waist is lost and it looks like a MARC JACOBS tent.

I can't remember what I thought of this gown when I first saw it on the Monique Lhullier runway. I certainly have an opinion now. It's not good for short women and you should never wear the ponytail of a high school cheerleader with it. Her hair stylist is ridic.

So beautiful is Zoey Deschaanel in the 1st of PRADA's ridiculous red carpet gowns. The second is below...sigh. It gives her bust the illusion of sagging and the beading I don't find flattering or "quirky" at all.

This dress PRADA dress worn by Frida Pinto looks like it's made out of craft foil. Also those weird lights have got to go the reach hand level on the women posing and makes them look like they're carrying two square white bags. It's horrible for a red carpet to have such distracting illumination unfortunately it hurt Melissa McCarthy the worst.

Spring 2012 Advertising Campaigns the Top 20 thus far: 15th-11th place



Yes, I have figured out the problem with the Just Cavalli Campaign. Stay tuned...

Three Words....The Photographer's Signature. Can you guess who?

It can't be the models cause I love Jac and Lindsey Wixon is ok.......Terry Richardson is the problem. He needs to go on vacation and gather fresh insipration for his asthetic.



Mariacarla Boscono is a brilliant model. One of the best around in the last couple of years actually. She brings a haunting yet enchanting darkness to every photo she takes yet...

I find this entire campaign kind of boring and I'm sure there is some ridiculously long explanation for the blandness of it but...

I don't want to hear it and I won't blame the photographer David Sims. The issue here is bigger than him. It's the creative direction.




You know what bothers me the most about this Valentino Campaign shot by Deborah Turbeville and it isn't casting. This is a great cast of models.

Bette Franke, Fei Fei Sun, Zuzanna Bijoch and Maud Welzen are each individually bringing something to the table. Especially Fei Fei Sun who is the unexpected star of this 'the clothes are melting into the background' campaign.

Yep, Fei Fei is the one ray of sun in the blandness. I don't like it as a spring campaign. It reminds me to much of the fall.




I like this...not love it by any stretch of the imagination but I feel as though i could eat this photograph as a matter of fact...

It reminds me of a cake I say on sale yesterday. This Steven Meisel photograph is bubblegum dessert delicious yet...

It doesn't evoke enough passion to ignite my fire. I wouldn't stop and look deeper at it but rather appreciate the aude to dessert and skip to the next page.



Now the campaigns begin to get interesting. Barely missing the top 10 is one of my favourite designers Jean Paul Gualtier whose campaign was shot immediately after the runway show backstage. It stars Alana Zimmerman and Constance Jablonski photographed by Miles Aldridge.

I love the semi-dressed models seemingly walking into the shot. It reminds me of an Egyptian mural even though no one is carrying the royalty. You can tell who is in charge and they dare not look her way..

PROJECT RUNWAY SUNDAY: Bert had the best Collection!

This is what Bert should base his entire fashion career upon.


I can’t believe the gallery below is filled with clothes that Bert created. I had to warm up to his personality but he turned out to be a sweetie in the end. I found this collection to be youthful but still mature. Most importantly it was just plain beautiful. I read on other message boards that it was boring but I have to disagree in it’s entirety. These clothes are made to sell immediately. It is the best collection from all of the remaining eight Project Runway finalists who showed at Lincoln Centre during fashion week in September. There is such an ease and sense of luxury that is not too bogged down by elaborate intricacies. His aesthetic is by and large minimal and that was evident during the show.


Resort Reminiscence: Tory Burch


I love the prints used but it is just an OK collection. The strength of the Tory Burch brand for me is in the amazing accessories.

Resort Reminiscence: Moschino

Pierre Balmain: A lower priced disappointment.

Secret: I have had these photos on my computer for a million days now but I was so underwhelmed with them I struggled to post this. As far as diffusion lines go this just might be the worst with Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY tieing for the best. Balmain usually exudes such a high quality (albeit OVERPRICED) rocker luxe that this Pierre Balmain line looks just poor. I wont usually star posts that aren’t about runway shows but this is definitely rate worthy. I most definitely CAN wait to see more of this.

A look at the campaigns in your fave fashion magazine this month: Tom Ford Everything!

Even if the womenswear clothes are meh Tom Ford knows what sells…sex.

P.S The eyewear is always amazing though!

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