Henry Holland to mentor on Rihanna’s UK fashion show

I guess this is really sweet news for her fans but kinda redundant for the fashion world so if you haven’t heard Rihanna is bringing a fashion show to the UK.

Nicest I've seen her look in a long time...wearing Alexander Wang.

Ok, well maybe in the US these shows are popping up everywhere thanks to Ms. Heidi Klum and the fabulous Project Runway franchise. Although an over saturation of a good thing is never ever “cute”.

rihanna in holland's suspender tights back in 2011

Apparently the show will be looking for a design star for a 10 week stint and the winner will design an outfit for Rihanna’s tour in London or some shizz like that…. booo-ring. I’m sorry Rihanna is completely awesome when it comes to producing great studio albums but is she really an authority on fashion? My jury is way far from a verdict on that. Oh, she has plans to be a designer I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of the word #cake in her clothes if her twitter timeline is anything to go by.

Best part of this show is Henry Holland the famed London contemporary designer who will be having co-hosting duties. Love him and everything I’ve ever seen him doing live has been FUN!

British designer Henry Holland

Here is his two cents on the venture via www.Vogue.co.uk

“I’m really excited about this new show,” said Holland. “I think it’s a great concept and a brilliant opportunity and platform for designers and stylists. A chance to work with Rihanna and some great mentors across the music and fashion industries is definitely something I wish I had been lucky enough to be able to do when I was starting out.”

“It’s a tough industry to crack so it’s going to take more hard work than they can even imagine as well as masses of creative flair and a genuine love of fashion,”


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