Spring 2012 Advertising Campaigns the Top 20 thus far: 15th-11th place



Yes, I have figured out the problem with the Just Cavalli Campaign. Stay tuned...

Three Words....The Photographer's Signature. Can you guess who?

It can't be the models cause I love Jac and Lindsey Wixon is ok.......Terry Richardson is the problem. He needs to go on vacation and gather fresh insipration for his asthetic.



Mariacarla Boscono is a brilliant model. One of the best around in the last couple of years actually. She brings a haunting yet enchanting darkness to every photo she takes yet...

I find this entire campaign kind of boring and I'm sure there is some ridiculously long explanation for the blandness of it but...

I don't want to hear it and I won't blame the photographer David Sims. The issue here is bigger than him. It's the creative direction.




You know what bothers me the most about this Valentino Campaign shot by Deborah Turbeville and it isn't casting. This is a great cast of models.

Bette Franke, Fei Fei Sun, Zuzanna Bijoch and Maud Welzen are each individually bringing something to the table. Especially Fei Fei Sun who is the unexpected star of this 'the clothes are melting into the background' campaign.

Yep, Fei Fei is the one ray of sun in the blandness. I don't like it as a spring campaign. It reminds me to much of the fall.




I like this...not love it by any stretch of the imagination but I feel as though i could eat this photograph as a matter of fact...

It reminds me of a cake I say on sale yesterday. This Steven Meisel photograph is bubblegum dessert delicious yet...

It doesn't evoke enough passion to ignite my fire. I wouldn't stop and look deeper at it but rather appreciate the aude to dessert and skip to the next page.



Now the campaigns begin to get interesting. Barely missing the top 10 is one of my favourite designers Jean Paul Gualtier whose campaign was shot immediately after the runway show backstage. It stars Alana Zimmerman and Constance Jablonski photographed by Miles Aldridge.

I love the semi-dressed models seemingly walking into the shot. It reminds me of an Egyptian mural even though no one is carrying the royalty. You can tell who is in charge and they dare not look her way..


Shoe of the Day: Yves Saint Laurent’s Tweedy Goodness

Yves Saint Laurent Tweed and Leather Tribute Pump

I have to really love a shoe to post on it. I love this Tribute. These colours and textures are perfect for an understated elegance to any day outfit. Whether it be work, meeting, out and about, downtown or uptown. They are sure to garner your feet a desired look or two. The hidden platform will give your feet added height and slender as well as a lengthening effect.

I’d say definetly worth the 795USD price tag at retailer SAKS.

YSL Resort 2012: Modern Nautique

Paris Fashion Week, The Round Out and Up!: Yves Saint Laurent

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A good showing from Stefano Pilati.

Statement Shoe of the Week: Textured Gold Iconic Yves Saint Laurent

A timeless shoe. It would work well with tonnes of outfits and take you from day to night. Perfecto!

Resort COOLection: “THE LIKES” Karan, Ledger, Saint Laurent, Sui

 The first of the many resort COOLections… I liked these.

The ones I love get a full-blown post.

Auto-Blog Nepotism…It’s totally new. 🙂

Donna Karan


Donna Karan- I love Donna Karan’s classy forty-something year old woman style. It jus says I am accomplished and I am respected. I am classically stylish to the end.  It was lovely but it wasn’t very colourful and looked a bit too mature ala the Liz Clairbourne but it certainly wasn’t ICK. I myself could see a few pieces popping up on some young virile celebs who want to appear classy and mature. 


Herve Ledger


Herve Ledger- The label of the Body Conscious Dress. There were quite a many printed dresses and certainly much colour. However the stuff  I thought worthy of posting was mainly black, white and cream/nude. It was like I was looking at the same dress over and over. They were lovely prints and certainly many choices, I will admit to that. However there is an option for any young starlet wanting to show off that highly paid for figure.

P.S j’adore le swimsuit.


Anna Sui


Anna Sui- She always appeals to the free spirit bohemian in me. I am a huge fan and though I was not overwhelmed. I still loved most of the looks for their wearability and her aesthetic.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a dress fiend. I love them until my wardrobe is beyond ridiculously dress heavy. Anyone who knows me also know I am a prints friend and each season I can count on Anna to give me the goods. Here are a few looks from her resort collection modelled by Chanel Iman.


Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent I loved this it’s not original but it is gorge. I like the garment shapes, style lines, the swimcaps, the colours and the mood it all evokes. It has an amazing retro feel. I DIG THIS.  I am not overwhelmed but I am intrigued.


Photos courtesy Style.com

Nudes, Neutrals, Pastels

One of the most feminine prominent trends for Spring 2010 was the neutral to pastel palette. Please when you are purchasing your pieces for summer keep this in mind. Here are a few of my fave looks off the runway.  If you see something in your favourite store that is skin tone…buy it!  If it is white…buy it! A pastel shade….buy it!

It is happening now and it’s lovely.

My favourite look was from Matthew Williamson being the dress connoisseur that I most definitely am…I was always a huge fan the textured skirt and bejewelled bodice for me was just an extra. FEMININE was a trend that carried heavily into the upcoming Autumn season and I hope it is here to stay for it truly recognises and celebrates everything woman.


Another standout is this Celine look. Phoebe Philo, head designer at Celine, is a straight up (no pun intended) genius. Her lines are always clean-cut and minimalist but not in a manly, rigid way. Her cuts are beautifully clean, crisp and curved to compliment a woman. This a complete look that I desire and need in my life.



Nudes, Neutrals, Pastels

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