#unnngh @ Rihanna, Why Did You Ruin A Perfectly Good Tuxedo Dress?


She looks just like “Oh shoot, my luggage got lost and all I had was this jacket, this wig and these heels. Thanks hobo bum for these shades too!”

There you have it Rihanna and her stylists thought her lack of luggage would result in a great fashion moment.


Unnnnngh…no love.

They should have styled it similarly to the way it was styled in the Stella McCartney’s Evening Spring lookbook for greater impact. I’m so annoyed because it’s such a nice jacket-dress. I can’t believe she went to do movie interviews in that shittyly styled get-up and those stupid claw nails!

MORE IS MORE…I said it on twitter. Exhibit A.



Paris Fashion Week Straight Up!: Stella McCartney Faves

Stella McCartney for Adidas: Stylish Activewear Stells

 Quite frankly if this was my gym wardrobe there is no way I could be kept out of the gym.

It is very fashion forward and it looks incredibly comfortable. I love this collaboration of Stella and activewear. The entire collection is made with 100% organically grown cotton and sustainable materials.

My fave piece is this hooded jacket below. I’m a fan of any jacket by Stella McCartney so this activewear jacket is genius to me. 

HOW COULD I FORGET TO MENTION THERE IS A GLOW IN THE DARK RANGE? Perfect for running at night or the early hours of the morning.

Peep the slideshow below for more images and click the link to go to the official website.

For the entire collection click here.

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Nudes, Neutrals, Pastels

One of the most feminine prominent trends for Spring 2010 was the neutral to pastel palette. Please when you are purchasing your pieces for summer keep this in mind. Here are a few of my fave looks off the runway.  If you see something in your favourite store that is skin tone…buy it!  If it is white…buy it! A pastel shade….buy it!

It is happening now and it’s lovely.

My favourite look was from Matthew Williamson being the dress connoisseur that I most definitely am…I was always a huge fan the textured skirt and bejewelled bodice for me was just an extra. FEMININE was a trend that carried heavily into the upcoming Autumn season and I hope it is here to stay for it truly recognises and celebrates everything woman.


Another standout is this Celine look. Phoebe Philo, head designer at Celine, is a straight up (no pun intended) genius. Her lines are always clean-cut and minimalist but not in a manly, rigid way. Her cuts are beautifully clean, crisp and curved to compliment a woman. This a complete look that I desire and need in my life.



Nudes, Neutrals, Pastels

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