Statement Bag of the Week(end): Reed Krakoff Boxer

The Boxer...I love this name and this bag is definitely a statement.


Reed Krakoff’s boxer is wonderfully crafted and I love that all the details of the bag are made available to you on the website. It is almost as if the Krakoff team is saying we did it right! We have made the best looking utilitarian-chic tote just for you. In case you are thinking this bag is jogging your memory to the image of strength and sports. It may be due in part to the tie detailing inspired by the boxer’s tape and the tough no-nonsense closures on the flap. This is definitely a weekend bag and at  835 pounds. It is a classic that will be the perfect bag for seasons to come.


Totally Obssessed with….Agabhumi!

I am a huge Agabhumi fan. This metallic leather and suede clutch is so cute/just great. The textures....yum.

The 19th Day of Bloggy Christmas: Alex Wang’s Classic Rocco-king Bag…

My favourite Wang Bag...EVER! Do I lust...FREAK YES! On my Christmas lustlist along with 10 million dollars.

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