Fashion Straight Up! Easter GIVEAWAY TIME!

Ok, so I publicised this on Twitter this morning and now it’s time to ring the news on the blog!

I woke up this Good Friday and felt like doing something nice.

Help the FashionStraight Up! twitter reach 1000 followers and I’ll give away a SHOP BOP gift certificate to one lucky follower.

It’s really easy.

Click the link Below hit follow and we will be one step closer to the giveaway.


Shopbop is a fave e-tailer featured on the blog and it's so exciting for me to be able to gift one lucky follower with this certificate.


Happy Holidays from the Fashion Straight Up! Blog

Here's hoping everyone had a great Christmas Holiday!

Outakes :::::: More Fashion Straight Up! In Your Horizon::::::: ;)

“Yes! Fashion Straight Up! Blog will make you smile!”, they said.

“Why not be fashionably informed and happy?”, she asked.

Two long sundays ago in the Fashion Universe a shoot took place. It was fun. It was exciting: papers signed, jokes exchanged, photos taken, heat (from the FLASHING LIGHTS), make-up was smoothed onto faces, intelligent conversations and drinking of seemingly never-ending bottles of water!!!!!!  hehehe

Oh My Gosh.

What was the hoped for result? Majical shots….and that’s what we got. 😀

Gadal Model Management’s top female models came through and there Are fabulous photos to prove this.

Special Shout Out to the owners of SnS Photography Studios: Shenicia and Sabrina, you guys are amazing and patient.

Specialer Shout Out to my sister in Fashion Life: Katrina

Specialest Shout Out to the photographer Roystone Hinkson a.k.a Uncle Hinky.

Yes people, special is an adjective that has a comparative and superlative form on this blog. 

I know. I know. This Blog made me sexy.


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