#unnngh @ Rihanna, Why Did You Ruin A Perfectly Good Tuxedo Dress?


She looks just like “Oh shoot, my luggage got lost and all I had was this jacket, this wig and these heels. Thanks hobo bum for these shades too!”

There you have it Rihanna and her stylists thought her lack of luggage would result in a great fashion moment.


Unnnnngh…no love.

They should have styled it similarly to the way it was styled in the Stella McCartney’s Evening Spring lookbook for greater impact. I’m so annoyed because it’s such a nice jacket-dress. I can’t believe she went to do movie interviews in that shittyly styled get-up and those stupid claw nails!

MORE IS MORE…I said it on twitter. Exhibit A.



Weekend Style Tips: Out with the Old and in with the NEW! Non-Traditional and Style Appropriate!

Who says you have to be traditional?

 This has got to be my favourite dress of the whole lot that I edited down. It isn’t even sparkly. It is, however, easy to make a statement with!

Just Follow the Style Ideas below and you’ll make this glam dress party amazing! 

The theme is “Gilded Opulence” and we’re going for the gold!!!!


A Satin Clutch

A Rock-Sexy Studded Belt

A Coloured Platform

Vintage Styled Handwear

A Statement Necklace

A Statement Ring


The 22nd Day of Bloggy Christmas: Alice and Olivia’s Dasha dress might certainly land you a dash-ing feller!

I see alot of potential in this dress for many a style explorations. It would be a great to any wardrobe especially mine!

The First Day of Bloggy Christmas! Azzaro wrapped up for you!

Azzaro Backless Metallic Knot Dress

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