Shoe of the Day: Yves Saint Laurent’s Tweedy Goodness

Yves Saint Laurent Tweed and Leather Tribute Pump

I have to really love a shoe to post on it. I love this Tribute. These colours and textures are perfect for an understated elegance to any day outfit. Whether it be work, meeting, out and about, downtown or uptown. They are sure to garner your feet a desired look or two. The hidden platform will give your feet added height and slender as well as a lengthening effect.

I’d say definetly worth the 795USD price tag at retailer SAKS.


It’s no secret: I think Charlotte Olympia Shoes are Amaze

*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection. It is a DIVINE collection of shoes and cute clutches are added into the mix!

It’s no secret: I love Camilla Skovgaard Shoes



*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection loving two new things about this line the plaited leather and the deliciously fall wine colours.

Totally Obsessed With…you know who! Cammie Skov

Anyone who is freshly reading my blog will think “Oh wow! What a great new shoe designer!” Anyone accustomed will think “I was wondering when she’d be obsessed with a Camilla Skovgaard shoe again?”


Statement Shoe of the Day: What was I thinkinggggg? gypsyz by GYPSY

I Love's so weird.


I’m really sure this is not my style on a typical day but I adore prints and knitwear. I can just imagine myself in them for an afternoon stroll through Central Park with a cute short dress and a cotton trench. They’ve got just the right amount of college preppiness exuding from them to excite me. 🙂

Totally Obsessed with….

Why am I inexplicably drawn to suede.....? #unnngh

New Year’s Present To You! Skovgaard Shoes to look forward to! 2011 looks tres fab

I'm such a die-hard! Forgive me readers but I'm unashamed of my love for her talent.

 Camilla Skovgaard is my favourite shoe designer and what I’m looking forward to most this year is a pair of her shoes for my birthday, christmas, anniversary, valentines, etc. (you get it!?) For any occasion and every celebration the only gift that will never disappoint is a spanking new pair of Camilla Skovgaard shoes….unless I state otherwise.  So this is kinda new news and yet it is kinda old news but what better way to send out 2010 but with my favorite shoe designer obsession.

If you don’t know this amazing place on the internet where you can find any and every shoe known to man? It is called Shoerazzi Ok, I’ll give you a minute and let you peruse Ashley’s amazing shoe candy site.

Well a several weeks ago I had the pleasure of being updated by Ashley on twitter about the Camilla Skovgaard Spring/Summer Lookbook.

Take a Peak Below and enjoy the gentle reminder of what you should be looking out for on a foot near you next year.

All photos courtesy Shoerazzi.

Seriously this is all so YUMMMMMMMM!

My Totally Indulgent Shoe Of the Day is……………

OF COURSE!!!!!!! If you have learnt anything about is Camilla Skovgaard is my shoe obssesion.

Statement Shoe of the Week: Textured Gold Iconic Yves Saint Laurent

A timeless shoe. It would work well with tonnes of outfits and take you from day to night. Perfecto!

Statement Shoe of the Week: Denim Studded Pigalles….beyond yum.

Total Hotness...I'm already sold on the pigalles. Studs. LOVE. Pigalles with studs in denim. TRIPLE LOVE!

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