Statement Bag of the Week(end): Reed Krakoff Boxer

The Boxer...I love this name and this bag is definitely a statement.


Reed Krakoff’s boxer is wonderfully crafted and I love that all the details of the bag are made available to you on the website. It is almost as if the Krakoff team is saying we did it right! We have made the best looking utilitarian-chic tote just for you. In case you are thinking this bag is jogging your memory to the image of strength and sports. It may be due in part to the tie detailing inspired by the boxer’s tape and the tough no-nonsense closures on the flap. This is definitely a weekend bag and at  835 pounds. It is a classic that will be the perfect bag for seasons to come.


It’s no secret: I think Charlotte Olympia Shoes are Amaze

*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection. It is a DIVINE collection of shoes and cute clutches are added into the mix!

It’s no secret: I love Camilla Skovgaard Shoes



*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection loving two new things about this line the plaited leather and the deliciously fall wine colours.

My Blog Vacation: It’s over I think…:) It’s done.

For the past few weeks I have been trying to get my groove back
like Stella. I hope to God I have found my literary inspiration and I hope it
is as hot as Taye Diggs who happens to look like my ex-bf. Hmmm….ON SECOND
THOUGHT the “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” author Terri McMillan
did divorce her “Taye Diggs” character and my ex is a nice guy but a
horrible ex. So I think I don’t want to be like Stella at all and any version
of Taye Diggs as my inspiration to blog can go suck a….lime tree rampant with
pink mealy bug disease.

Wow, look how I return to the world of fashion ranting and
raving about lime trees, pink mealy bugs, exes and Taye Diggs needless to say
fashionies, I’m back. It is always good to take a step back, regroup, get
focused and start going again. I think if it is one thing I’m learning from my
currently crumbling relationship is that those moments you take for yourself
and I mean truly take for yourself
are precious. Oh and that you do have to kiss a few frogs before you find a

So I have been following what has been happening in fashion not
to worry. Quite a few resort shows I still have backlogged from a month ago and
they will go into the New Old News folder and I’ve seen some more. I’m not
excited about the resort collections I have seen and I’m even more annoyed by
the number of pieces in a resort collection and every year the size is
increasing. It is a capsule season for crying out loud. DESIGNERS, NO MORE THAN
17 PIECES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the New Old News Folder is gonna be a throwback for me
for the next three Days and remind me why I love fashion and I why I enjoy
blogging to you guys.

So here goes from Resort to Menswear to Couture. I’ll be doing a
Top Ten of the Menswear Shows and a Top Five of the Couture and Purging the
Resort Collections that I HAD BACKLOGGED FOR A MONTH!

The Most Intriguing Designer and Label: Stephane Rolland

Please readers bear with me and let us continue this fashion
journey together. It is safe to say that I am back!

Emma F

Totally Obsessed With: Model’s Own Top Turquoise Nail Polish


Straight Up! Polling Time: Woven Measures

Mar y Sol Gigi Contrast Flower clutch worn with a printed maxi dress is instant vacation luxe.

Where would one need to go to get the great woven clutch one has been craving for summer outfits? Well, I went to another of my favourite E-tailers Shopbop to solve my quandary. I have not only been in love with woven clutches but also woven shoes but I have saved this obsession in a post to follow later.

Since I’m impressively low on nudes in my current wardrobe. I thought why not look around for a great nuetral and black bag which can be paired with many outfits. I selected the Mar y Sol clutch because it appeals to my feminine side and the Zimmerman straw offering tugs at the heartstrings of my Caribbean roots.

Which do you prefer? The sexiness of the contrast bow or the antique ease of the straw clutch?

Tough Decision….?  I know.

Shop Bop's Zimmerman Woven Straw Clutch adds lovely resort vibes to your summer outfits.

Straight Up! Lust: Philip Lim Claude

Straight Up! Lust: Nina Ricci Jackie II

Statement Bag of the Week-end: Intrecciato Bellisima

Perfect Weekend Bag...Bottega also gives you great craftsmanship and beautiful leather options.

Totally Obsessed With…you know who! Cammie Skov

Anyone who is freshly reading my blog will think “Oh wow! What a great new shoe designer!” Anyone accustomed will think “I was wondering when she’d be obsessed with a Camilla Skovgaard shoe again?”


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