Happy LaTe New Year…let us get started.

I took a much needed break to be mummy. Fashion didn’t stop but I did pause my journey. So now it’s time to get back to fashion basics. The journey continues…


Alberta Ferreti Macy’s Impulse Collection

“The collection I created is fresh and bright, featuring light summer clothing that evokes the spirit of my beautiful country and is at the same time true to my style.”

Alberta Ferretti as told to Womens Wear Daily

Alberta’s aesthetic is feminine, ethereal and flirty. It is impossible not to appeal to women. I love her clothes and I know Macy’s is the underdog with their designer Collections but the truth is they are getting the best designers. I don’t even know how this managed to slip me. I mean, Doo Ri!

The Alberta Ferreti Impulse Collection is targeted to a fairly mature demographic (26-29) which is a good thing as most collaborative lines are targeted to a much younger demo.

Target for example constructs junior sizes which I find so absurd especially as their marketing targets an older audience!

The line ranges from $49-$119 and includes sweaters, satin dresses, party dresses, day dresses, peasant blouses basically what we have come to expect from Alberta as a designer but in affordable fabrics and prices.

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Hema Lingerie modeled by a man…specifically Andrej Pejic

I’m a fan, Andrej.  I have no issue with his gender-bending on the catwalk. He looks like a girl and has the same essence of a female model and blends in superbly. Yet there is a double standard going on here in these ads for Hema. While they do look very nice. Distinguishing between Andrej and a female model is not going to happen. He pulls it off seamlessly.

Will I see a female model pose for boxer briefs companies in the near future? Even in our female androgyny there is some limitation. Even with the flattest chest, wanted or not we develop breast tissue and boobs can be seen. Will something like that work? Do men really want to buy briefs modelled by a woman?

Is it ok for a man to be the standard of beauty for a woman while women are in no way the standard of beauty for men. Justin Beiber, eyeliner and jeggings don’t count. History will prove the eyeliner and jeggings theory

Does this ad look like it works? Yes, but I can’t help feel like the mega push up bra is still padded? In all fairness he is wearing clothes and then the this could just be a regular bra stuffed with chicken cutlets. I’m not so convinced. I think this would have been more effective if he was only in lingerie and not ready to wear. This advertisement doesn’t really support it’s claim. It put a man in a padded bra and a shirt. What about the size B cups that want the D look? Where is the Hema advertisement to prove that claim?

In the end this is not about whether Andrej is a man or not. It is about gender equality and I think the fashion industry while accepting of all types of norms doesn’t do a whole lot to define its standard. I think sometimes we get caught up in too many social fights to decide if we are being hypocrites too?


meh…it got us talking but I still wouldn’t buy this bra.

My first shopping experience on FARFETCH.com. #truestory

I love when amazing e-commerce sites are brought to my attention but I never trust a site until I personally peruse and shop for myself.

This should be of note: shopping is not usually something that I pass up. I’m easily excited by shopping in an unusual way and Farfetch offers enough great pieces to pacify me.

Now at first I wasn’t sure how to navigate it but I found out that the learning curve is actually pretty easy. I like to think of Farfetch as an online global fashion mall. Simple, no? Women fashion was the best way for me to start browsing. Now just like a mall there are departments. Well Farfetch makes it way with just three…


This section is my favourite department for all of the obvious reasons…Emilio Pucci! Hello? Proenza Schouler’s amazing PS-1 bags, Burberry coats, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, Nina Ricci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana great luxe pieces are wonderfully edited into this section. You can find a selection of vintage and archived apparel and accessories from just about every uber-cool and specially selected high-end store across the world. Imagine vintage and this season’s Chanel shopping can be done in one place! It really doesn’t get anymore convenient. As a shopper who hates travelling from e-store to e-store to find that perfect item. Farfetch does it amazingly in a one stop shop and knowing that if I can’t get it the United Kingdom that Farfetch will have that item and ready to ship from Brussels. Where can you find that kind of high fashion global supply chain network? Nowhere, so look at some great pieces I selected below.

My Next Purchase!


I’m by nature a huge supporter of Contemporary brands they take a bit more risks at better prices than their luxury counterparts. A great example of this is Marc by Marc Jacobs’ diffusion line which is way more suited to my tastes than the Marc Jacobs label. I can equally appreciate both but I prefer to purchase MBMJ clothing and I adore their accessories. Farfetch let’s me go straight to the good stuff in the Contemporary department. Not only can I find my fave diffusion label I can also find other cool labels like Sonia by Sonia Rykiel, Tucker, Closed, Ksubi, Eugenia Kim, 7 For All Mankind, Siwy Denim, Fred Perry and Tory Burch. This department is your jeans emporium and you will find most high-end denim labels in Contemporary. I left you with a few of my favourite pieces to look over below.


The Lab department is where you pick up your heart’s content of specialty pieces by brands that really are out of this world. The vision of the designers in this category is not necessarily commercial but definitely wearable. Farfetch’s Lab is compiled of perfect statement pieces and I’m totally obsessed with an amazing pair of Ha-Yeon Lee monkey nuts pictured below. It would be the quirky update to any outfit for a little bit of humour and style. I highly recommend that purchase.

All of your emerging fashion talent can be found in this section. I put together a montage of some of the pieces I would LOOOOVE to have and a few for the men too.

It was a such a treat discovering this site. So for my first purchase I went small super-small because I don’t know what shipping nightmare I might encounter and bought this super cute yet really affordable Baggu  Mociun reusable shopper.

It folds into a really cute portable pouch and is perfect for the grocery store or casual shopping. Luckily the entire process was easy-peasy and my bag will be shipped to me in a few days and as soon it is I have a surprise! I like to think of it as a symbolic purchase with Farfetch and represents my intent to continue shopping there for many years to come! I take my fashion that seriously.


For more information about Farfetch click here

It’s no secret: I think Charlotte Olympia Shoes are Amaze

*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection. It is a DIVINE collection of shoes and cute clutches are added into the mix!

Karl “The Other Gloved One” Lagerfeld for Macy’s “A-OK” Collection

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I don’t know isn’t Karl above this kind of branding? I am not that fussy about wearing a shirt with his body emblazoned on it…fully clothed or not.

I am a huge fan of the stockings. Chic!

Oddly enough though the pink dress below is my favourite piece from the collection. Oddly, because I hate pink especially the lighter shades like blush, rose, etc. but I love this cute thing. 🙂

Pierre Balmain: A lower priced disappointment.

Secret: I have had these photos on my computer for a million days now but I was so underwhelmed with them I struggled to post this. As far as diffusion lines go this just might be the worst with Marc by Marc Jacobs and DKNY tieing for the best. Balmain usually exudes such a high quality (albeit OVERPRICED) rocker luxe that this Pierre Balmain line looks just poor. I wont usually star posts that aren’t about runway shows but this is definitely rate worthy. I most definitely CAN wait to see more of this.


I cannot wait to see this. I love everytime Gaga opens her mouth and Jean Paul Gualtier I secretly want him to be my best friend in the whole world. Honestly, my BFFFF…F.

Doesnt Gaultier look so freaking fun in this clip from the preview to be shown on the CW September 12th, 2011 in the midst of New York Fashion Week?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

GAGA BY GAULTIER, posted with vodpod

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau: Absolutely NOT seeing child porn in these pics but…

I’m concerned about the pedofiles who will see it unlike me. I see a very pretty little girl playing dress up. I think the problem is that people realise that she is aware of her own beauty. Unfortunately for them armed with that fact she is indeed the perfect model/target. French Vogue is doing it better than all the other magazines and we should expect nothing less than them pushing the envelope every issue. This is a world that let’s Lady Gaga walk around half-naked as “self-expression”. I think that America needs to get it together…do you like vulgarity and lack of morals or don’t you? There is no gray area in this world. This is fashion. I don’t find this sexual and maybe because I played dress up my gorgeous god-daughter too. I don’t even like the clothes chosen or the styling to be honest. I just think she is beyond stunning. I tried on my mother’s lipstick at 10, just that no one took a gorgeous picture of it.

Seriously, grips need to be gotten. I’m more concerned that the designer shoes almost fit her 10 year old feet! That is a shoe freak in the making.


It’s no secret: I love Camilla Skovgaard Shoes



*Drum Roll*

Here is a gallery for the Resort 2012 Collection loving two new things about this line the plaited leather and the deliciously fall wine colours.

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