Spring 2012 Advertising Campaigns the Top 20 thus far: 20th-16th place



Tom Ford....WTF?

Shut your mouth Mirte Mass! SHEESH!



Emmanuel Alt better not be on drugs...because this looks very uninspired like a bubble gum, marijuana haze.



This is a waste of perfectly good model...She is not my fave but she is good. Versace, why? This is such a done already ad visual.

Not appealing....it's not. I don't want to buy any of it(and those shoes probably look amazing). Versace ad campaign fail.


Elie Saab

Well, luckily this time I don't think that Karlie Kloss is the problem...this campaign reminds me why it's hard to take couture designers seriously when they try to go into the ready to wear market.

Are you telling me that the Elie Saab couldn't have selected a better combination of clothes from his Spring line to be the stars of the campaign shoot? Karlie's face can't save nor do I think she is the best model for the brand.



I'm so confused....too many elements take away Mariacarla Boscono haunting beauty and pretty superb dress.

It may just be my overall disappointment because Givenchy usually have great ad pages


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