Jason Wu for Target: Parisian Teenage Coming-of-Age Chic

How else do you describe this stripey collection of high school bull? It’s pretty enough but it definitely a junior line. I don’t like that Target does this and target the Junior market. Topshop any day of the week for designer collaborations because at least I know that the clothing will be marketed to a woman’s body. Besides stripes going horizontal don’t look good on everybody Jason  Wu even Parisians know that? This is a waste of good design talent and I want TARGET TO JUST STOP IT!

The accessories are quite nice and here are my faves:

Le gatons...perfect for an afternoon stroll or a tote accesoriser.

J’adore ma cherie
My absolute favourite piece from Jason Wu’s target collection.
I love a quirky accessory. This cat tote is divine.


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