Hema Lingerie modeled by a man…specifically Andrej Pejic

I’m a fan, Andrej.  I have no issue with his gender-bending on the catwalk. He looks like a girl and has the same essence of a female model and blends in superbly. Yet there is a double standard going on here in these ads for Hema. While they do look very nice. Distinguishing between Andrej and a female model is not going to happen. He pulls it off seamlessly.

Will I see a female model pose for boxer briefs companies in the near future? Even in our female androgyny there is some limitation. Even with the flattest chest, wanted or not we develop breast tissue and boobs can be seen. Will something like that work? Do men really want to buy briefs modelled by a woman?

Is it ok for a man to be the standard of beauty for a woman while women are in no way the standard of beauty for men. Justin Beiber, eyeliner and jeggings don’t count. History will prove the eyeliner and jeggings theory

Does this ad look like it works? Yes, but I can’t help feel like the mega push up bra is still padded? In all fairness he is wearing clothes and then the this could just be a regular bra stuffed with chicken cutlets. I’m not so convinced. I think this would have been more effective if he was only in lingerie and not ready to wear. This advertisement doesn’t really support it’s claim. It put a man in a padded bra and a shirt. What about the size B cups that want the D look? Where is the Hema advertisement to prove that claim?

In the end this is not about whether Andrej is a man or not. It is about gender equality and I think the fashion industry while accepting of all types of norms doesn’t do a whole lot to define its standard. I think sometimes we get caught up in too many social fights to decide if we are being hypocrites too?


meh…it got us talking but I still wouldn’t buy this bra.


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