The Fall 2012 Wedding Issue: Emma’s dream dresses

It is really hard for me to stop thinking about my wedding dress. It is the only sincere thought that has been flooding my mind inspite of my medical scare today. I am obsessed with a particular style gown that is floating around in my head. Here are a few of my personal options from the Fall 2012 Bridal shows:

My personality as a bride.

I love the colour in this dress.

An amazing dress with equal amount of simple detailing and sexy glamour.

Simple and beautiful...I really don't prefer poufy wedding gowns.

The most relaxed a bride could feel, Temperley always creates relaxed bridal gowns.

It doesn't have the sheer cap sleeve that I'm in love with but this Saraj Jassir piece is exquisite.

Jenny Packham Fairy Queen Bridal...I will always choose to be ethereal.

Sexy, lacey, cool bridal by Anne Bowen.

Ok, so even though the base of this Anjolique creation is a bit too formal, wide and stiff for my liking, from nape to 4 inches below the hip this dress is perfect.


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