Bridal Week on Fashion Straight Up!

This is my dream Bridal Gown. Reem Acra well done!

Yes, you read this caption correctly. I have recently attended a most beautiful and touching ceremony and it got me to thinking about quite a few things really:

(1.) my own wedding
(2.) I temporarily hate my affected bf whose friend got married
(3.) who will i marry
(4.) when will i marry
(5.) do I really need to put out an order on three cats to occupy me in my unforeseeable yet possible at this rate spinsterhood?

Oh my gosh.
My brain may just explode from the thoughts a single, beautiful wedding evoked.

I believe in marriage and I love weddings and once you find someone you are willing to dedicate your life to for the rest of your days. DO IT and don’t waste time!

This week my blog celebrates that with a looks at vintage bridal gowns, Bridal week Spring 2012, bridesmaids gowns, bridal accessories et. al. at prices to break the bank and some to keep a few still in it.

P.S In case you were wondering? YES! I did design my entire bridal party’s outfits last night. I drew every last one. It is the designer in me that came out and took over the pencil.


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