BTW: Am I the only person in the world tired of seeing Natalia Vodianova in CK ads?

What is the obsession with the long-term model contracts? I have no problem with a model having  a contract with a company over a period of three years or so but when your contract has started in 2005 and for six years EACH season I am seeing you in the same type of advertisement with the same type of facial expression. I get bored.  I get very, very bored.

Natalia is beautiful. I think she has one of those rare ageless faces and probably at the ripened age of 50 she will probably look just as beautiful as she did when she was 20. Kate Moss usually signs into long contracts like these but she is now a business and somehow seems to benefit when in this kind of contract e.g. her deal with Longchamp, Topshop, Rimmel.I would get tired of her as well but Kate has this unique ability to transform. Her face, facial expressions, her body and the mood seems to change it is so natural and more importantly interesting.  It is actually preposterous to me to see this kind of Calvin Klein ad in every single issue of a magazine I purchase.

Natalia looks like a wall ornament for men who like child-like fairies. It really is a matter of opinion. I think Calvin Klein could sever that contract. I’m sure she has gone above and beyond as a brand ambassador but there are so many new faces that could breathe life into the brand. Also she is not lacking in demand she did the Stella McCartney Spring Ads. I dunno, I have a hunch she survive. *eyes rolling* She is a supermodel for crying out loud!

I am not even a huge lover of celebrity endorsements but Jennifer Lawrence is so bombshell amazing.

Can't you see Jennifer Lawrence as Euphoria's new face?

She rocked the heck out of that Calvin dress at the Oscars. She would be amazing as the new face of Euphoria.

See many examples below.


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