PROJECT RUNWAY SUNDAY: The Runners-Runners Ups Pt.1 Laura and Ryan

A beautiful outfit ruined by bad styling.

What is really going on here? Soo many questions.

This is a mess. Completely unflattering.

This is one of my favourite of his outfits but again with the bad styling.

This jacket is great but the pants should have been black.

Anthony Ryan was easily my favourite designer this entire season. Even though he went a little hard on the glue gun in some challenges I thought he was a real contender for the ill-fated Fashion Week Finalists. I am now fully aware as to why he was not chosen and what a good decision that was. Anthony Ryan needs to hire a full-time stylist/brand consultant. How sad when one can produce amazing separates but have no idea how to put it altogether and edit with success. I liked soooooooo much of his work but hated the entire thing because of how ridiculously bad it was styled. I think he has an edit problem bigger than Josh’s…WAY BIGGER!

Laura’s collection was quite charming. I was never a fan of her personality on the show but she made amazingly beautiful gowns. The styling and make-up in this collection were my favourite and can I have one of those cuffs please? How gorge did the models looked? They were like fairy warriors! I’m torn for some of the pieces look incredibly high fashion and others look a little rough in terms of style lines and ideas. However there was way more good than bad so I think this peaks my interest in what she has to offer in the future.


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