PROJECT RUNWAY SUNDAY: The Runner-Ups Who Never Stood A Chance

This dress should have been lined and or scrapped.

This top should have had a structured corset made from his signature print underneath it.


Throughout this season Viktor has been the only designer who hasn’t received the accolades he has clearly earned and deserved. Viktor has week after week produced amazing designs and used his immense technical skills to create some of the most well designed and expertly made pieces this season of Project Runway. In one of the most transparently, orchestrated, behind-the-scenes rigging of results. He was not announced the winner nor even the first runner-up! This is a man of real talent. This collection was perfect before he tampered with it in a ploy to give another advantage to the eventual winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee. The designs commented on above were included and some amazing pieces excluded which showcased his fabulous self-designed print when he doubted the direction of his collection. Two collections are what I am seeing and this is simply because there was too much sheer fabrics used at the last-minute. I wish he had added another amazing leather jacket and a gorgeous gown of black chiffon and printed fabric.

He is my winner. Period.


This presentation was one of my favourites visually. It was extremely high energy and gave me a good retail friendly feeling. It is the kind of clothing that I expect to see in Department stores everywhere and be a go-to label for friendly seasonal pieces. I think that Kimberly should actually market her clothes for the middle-end shoppers. The people who shop Ann Taylor, Macy INC, Donna Karan NY, M Michael Kors are her clients. If she doesn’t know it yet someone get her agent who does. She has an eye for clothes that will translate well to the real woman’s body.

I want this top, sooo badly!


The way Josh used the plastics, colour and neoprene was pretty amazing to me. There was a bit of a snafu with the last two dresses definitely too bulky for my liking but the vibe of his collection was interesting. I refuse to discuss at length those green shorts. It definitely looked like he poured his heart and soul into the toning down the aesthetic and yet staying true to himself for which he deserved not a project runway title but definitely some other noteworthy achievement like a most improved 10,000USD prize pulled from Anya’s undeserving 100,000USD prize money. *side-eye*


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