I can’t stay silent on this….Why Did Anya Win?

The Sum and TOTAL of Anya’s Runway Presentation

I have to speak on this. I am from the Caribbean not Trinidad and Tobago and this entire season I wanted to get behind Anya Ayoung-Chee. I wanted to but just couldn’t only such a ridiculous decision as having her win Project Runway would ignite my fashion journalistic tendencies once more.

Seriously? Project Runway(which will now be referred to as Project Season of Favouritism) and it’s producers need to truthfully examine what this show is about. I love it and I can’t guarantee i will watch next season but as a designer myself that it is extremely entertaining. Maybe if that is the case call it Project Entertainment for crying it out loud!!!!

Viktor you were robbed in every sense of the word. There was no designer more deserving of winning Project Season of Favouritism than you. Unfortunately you weren’t the favourite.

Josh, I LOVED you from the get-go. Your personality and talent will take you farther than you could ever imagine. That green shorts not soo much, let it go. I think you just got caught up in self-doubt in that transparent ploy to give Anya an advantage.

Kimberly, your personality is so sweet. I don’t know what the big Anya is so friendly deal was because you were the friendliest and I don’t agree with the judges. I think your point of view is clear and ready to wear. I hope that only good things come to you and your career.

Anya, your eye for what is cool is amazing. I think you would make a great stylist, consultant, spokesperson and maybe even a good designer with more knowledge of who exactly is your client and your market. Are you a resort designer? Are you a swimwear designer? Are you a dress designer for skeletal frames like yourself? Will you every make a jacket? P.S that black dress that won the L’OREAL challenge was hideous. Why does it seem as though the judges have just been pouring money and exposure on you as though you were the official spokesperson of  Project Season of Favouritism.

Herein lies my problem on seasons past this breezing through with little to no technical skill and one note aesthetic would have been frowned upon and you would have been eliminated by episode 5 AT LEAST! Also it seems that you should have gone home after showing that horrid mini-presentation but shock and awe four people are going to fashion week! Then with a noted weak collection in another feat of shock (mine at least) the designers were given $500 more to buy more fabric and the only person this seemed to benefit was you. There was no transparency with your advantage above the other contestants.

Your dresses were pretty and the fabrics were strong in print(which I personally can’t help but love). Extremely so, but I saw it all already over the course of the season from you. It was somehow also inevitably pretty boring. Congrats as Josh said whatever your strategy was it worked.


One thought on “I can’t stay silent on this….Why Did Anya Win?

  1. Tesha,
    I agree with a lot of what you have said (except about the black dress in the L’Oreal challenge – that dress was really innovative with lot of different points of interest), but overall I can’t figure it out either. Viktor Luna was robbed! Josh Mcginley needs an attitude adjustment, boy has a point of view but his “reality persona” was stank!

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