The Store That was Shut is Back in Business

Let it never be said that i don’t take fashion seriously because  I do. It is the one thing in life that I’m passionate about and have been for my whole life. I haven’t blogged in almost two months and it has been such a struggle. I wish there was a funny anecdote about why I haven’t but there isn’t it is a sad story about the economy and the recession. OK! Fine it has nothing to do with the recession but it is still a sad story.  Yes, I haven’t lost my inappropriate sense of humour and I truly hope  I haven’t offended anyone who was affected by the recession and economy.

In a few words I lost my zeal. I’m on a quest to find it again with your help.

Sonia Rykiel's Brilliant S/S12 Collection

I’m the yellow runway. I’m the gorgeous summer blouse. I’m the yellow striped pants. I am everything that represents a happy mood and I am here.





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