Bottega Veneta Cruise 2012: A COOLlection

This beautiful relaxed shift dress reminds me of a Rothko Painting.

The whole collection is easy and that is what Tomas Maier and his clothing are collectively known for. The way colour blocking was done with the chiffon imperfect, understated and yet meaningful. It is hard for me not to like the Bottega Shows because as I mature into the style of my impending 30s. I get the feeling that Maier is going to be my go-to designer. I’m generally a hippie, vegetarian, sexed-up conglomerate but with age I can feel my wild spirit being refined. Bottega Veneta continues to pull the reigns of unbridled youth. In the coming years I know I will find more of their pieces in my wardrobe. So right now I’m looking on at the future and this resort collection is no doubt where my style life is headed.

Honestly, Tomas Maier is consistant and just like Haider Ackemann he is the most consistent in understanding who the client is, their own aesthetic and giving the clients what they want. This is a resort collection for the jet-set and the wet-street.

This collection is filled with gorgeous accessories including a statement corset belt that immediately adds power to each accompanying outfit. The two-tone faded bags as noted above complement the lightnesss of the look. The palette is soft and yet still pops bright. The juxtaposition of which gives one many vacation options depending on your mood. The most successful outfits are those in which chiffon is implemented to varying degree with great ethereal abandon.


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