Straight Up! @theOutnet Sunglasses Lust: Tom Ford Eyewear

A perfect shape for my face structure.


I am a devout sunglasses lover but I have a secret confession. I NEVER purchase sunglasses at full price. *shock* *horror* It is the nature of sunglasses that leads me to the conclusion. It would be a waste of money! Sunglasses are for but a period of time and function. Most often I leave mine lying around somewhere and forget all about them. It would just be criminal of me if I buy them at full retail price and the new styles. So it is a purchase either of the brand name on sale or the diffusion lines.

For example Armani Exchange is my day to day sunglasses choice.

D&G takes me to the beach on the weekend.

In summer, I’ll probably get something snazzy from The Outnet which will need to be ordered in April. So I’m going over my options from now and you guys will see me through to purchase. I always love Tom Ford Eye-wear. His sunnies are so fricking cool and the larger shapes look great on my round face. So here are my strong contenders for purchase once available at the time of doing such actions.



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