#UNNNGH: Vicki B, are you cuhrazy? 14000 bucks? No thanks.

Her fashion advisers are not for real? You guys ain't paying the same for this and Hermes?

I’m SOOO sorry if  I am going to offend her fans in any way but OMFG….give me a break $13, 950 DOLLARS for a brand that is only three years old(if so much) no no no no! I’m paying that for years and years of handicraft coupled with inflation darlings not because you dress great and your husband is a total hunk. No Way.

Net-a-Porter I'm disappointed....why you trying to sell her jeans with that overpriced bag?

I’m sorry she should have started at half of that. This is encouraging complete foolishness and we will never get rid of the celebrity brands good or bad if you pay that kind of money for a typical navy crocodile bag. Great quality or not do not try to get me sold on your name, thanks.

Here's what you're paying for a gold clasp with Victoria Beckham on it....#unnngh

 Put some years in the industry with the line AND BUILD YOUR BRAND. #thatisall

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