Blog Notes: Christmas Blogging

ok…worse thing ever is writing a beautiful blog post screen freezing and instead of the automatic save doing it’s job. You wrote it in QuickPress to be lazy and you have lost all the beautiful words you so carefully put on the screen for the enjoyment and knowledge of your readers. Sigh and #thatisall

Soooo , Take Two.
I still love the rain and I still plan to visit London more regularly over the 2011 period. I adore my London-based readers and I intend to pop over to Paris and Milan while I’m there on a soul-searching exploration and fashion fact-finding mission. Yes, clearly I have a lot of things planned for 2011 including a trip to NY for fashion week in the fall.

I need the work to keep me busy so I’ll be planning the projects year round.

Today is like customer appreciation day in a fancy store except that you are not my customers. My readers, you are my friends. You keep me going and inspire my posts.

So February next year will be officially one year that I’ve been doing this and it has on some days been most inspiring to my life that  I can only say. Thank You in advance and I am planning something extra special for you.

I have taken to a more pictorial style this season so I can still interact with you daily and not feel like I’m cheating you out of posts like I did when I took my break last month. I promise to resume to a more text driven style from next year. I hope you like it.

I do everything on my blog for you the reader and if  I could give each of you a gift it would be this

Camilla Skovgaard's Amazing Shoes

or this

The most Iconic Bag in my opinion...Birkin who? CHANEL!


but alas I can’t. So today I’m sending my love and I letting you know your readership means so much to me.




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