Milan Fashion Week:The Loves

Milan brought the life back into a dull Spring for me. It was able to evoke fashion emotion which I had started to get a glimpse of in London. Pucci, Prada, Sander and Versace produced amazingly themed lines which played into every major trend for the upcoming season.

The older, more established fashion houses stepped up to the plate in Milan well except for Fendi and Gucci which were nice but forgettable.


My favourite of them all is the Emilio Pucci brand. I have always been a huge fan of the brand(duh because I love prints) and I LOVEEEE what Peter Dundas is doing there. He is making this iconic brand very current and very sexy. This spring collection was no doubt one of the sexiest by far fromMilan. The inspiration being a bohemian luxe beachcomber on a Greek isle was brilliantly executed ,yes, it was peppered with the 70S trend clearly but it evoked such a feeling of desire with its detailing and feminine cuts. My favourite style reference was the traditional  Greek shirt transformed into magnificent dresses both short and long. Versace was such a surprise for me. I am not a huge fan of Donatella’s work  but this collection was inspired. The subtleties of the transparent detailing was clever and the “fringe-print” was another exciting detail. The palette was pleasing as well. I would give her an A+ for this offering for there was a great deal of strength in the design elements. Jil Sander was another surprise for me which solidifies my changing tastes. I adored the gigantic proportions of the skirts and the dresses. I especially enjoyed them mixed with body-con tops.  The floral print was beautiful had a very antique quality to it and the stripes seems to be a trend among the Spring designers in Milan and Paris. It was minimalism done in reverse and it was successful. Now alot of people didn’t like Prada but if you had seen what Muiccia did for her menswear collection then you would successfully appreciate the gorgeousness of this womenswear. It was strongly steeped with an athleticism vibe seen in the broad shoulders and again the stripes. My fave articles of clothing were the skirts and dresses which flared out to a gathered full circle at the hemlines. It feminised the collection which would had very strong masculine leanings.

These are my top four from Milan.

They may not be yours but there mine 🙂 and this is my Fashion view Straight Up!  

EMILIO PUCCI: My Fantasy in Clothes

VERSACE: Strength in Structure

JIL SANDER: Maximalist Gorge

PRADA: Kooky Athletic Minimalism

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