The Milan Fashion Week Disappointments

Ok, so I will start my trilogy of critical observation with the bad and work my way towards the collections from Milan that I adored. Now my tastes have seemed to change this Spring season after being completely and totally bummed out after New York it was hard to post. I take fashion seriously and tried to be politically correct. I however found that style does not work for me.

I’m just going to be opinionated like I planned to be when I started the blog.

Here are my top four disappointments from Milan. Marni, Blumarine, Moschino and Emporio Armani.

I hated Emporio Armani’s menswear offering so im not completely surprised I hated their womenswear. It was the ridiculous gathered sheer skirts sticking out from underneath perfectly ok metallic skirts and the badly shaped jackets that ruined it for me. Marni was an actual disappointment in the truest sense for I love the eccentric style of the house but this Scuba Stevette offering for Spring was too much. There was too much dissection that had to be done to appreciate the beauty of the separates. Moschino was a mess. It was way too campy and literal. I also didn’t enjoy the way the prints were mixed. It was too far off trend to be amazing.  Worst of all of the disappointments was Blumarine… yuck. Too much animal print and done so garish I cannot believe that this was shown to a group of fashion experts at a presentation and no one saw the ridiculousness of 50 looks consisting of green, pink and blue leopard outfits. The fringe bags did NOT help the styling cause either. It was a mess. 

Anyways view for yourself and form your own opinion.

I’m just giving you mine Straight Up!

MOSCHINO: Styling Catastrophe

Emporio Armani: Sheer Nonsense


BLUMARINE: Leopard Madness


MARNI: Scuba Silly


Photos Courtesy


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