Whitney Eve for Piperlime.com: What do you think?

Whitney Port star of the MTV reality show “The City” (one of my guilty pleasures) has teamed up with Piperlime.com to produce an exclusive capsule collection for the brand. I’m sure this is exciting news to all the Whitney Port fans out there! This run in addition to her “Whitney Eve” collection which debuted three seasons ago. Unfortunately sizing runs from 0-8 (ridic) so her larger boned fans need only observe. 

<Girlies you’ll find much nicer things over at ASOS.com in your size. ASOS is the truth for any size.>

Back on topic:

OK…here is my peeve with Whitney Port and her designs. They never reinvent the wheel or make the wheel interesting to look at. It is all overpriced Forever 21 California Style clothing. I really love The City. I do. It is very entertaining and it truly makes the fashion industry it’s backbone even if it is from a jaded view. However this has not clouded my eyes from celebrity fashion and to be quite honest if Whitney and Lauren Conrad represent the California girl…SHE IS QUITE BORING.

I have nothing against capitalism, branding and the great entrepreneurial spirit but seriously? These girls are selling their names and with it sometimes a whole heap of nothingness with respect to design and great style.

That being said I am sure I can find any of the dress styles in the New Look under $5 rack currently so I’ll be saving a whopping $265 to be spent on designer sale shoes.

 Take a gander at the pictures below and if you like click on over to Piperlime.com and make a purchase for the fan girl or boy in you.

P.S I’m still watching The City for the endless waspy fashion entertainment. 



All photos courtesy Piperlime.com


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