Quick Rant: New York Fashion Week=Trends=Boredom

After being abysmally disappointed with the lack of creativity at New York Fashion week and the STRAIGHT UP! fashion boredom. I have a few questions regarding trends…well some questions and others observations. Everyone in the fashion world wants to be original or au courrant…I guess in New York the later prevails more. So it is obvious and a well-known fact that trend forecasting agencies will dictate for the designer the elements that create the looks and colours for the season. It is then up to the designers to put an “original” spin on these key elements and make the trend their own. In making the trend their own they have to search for additional inspiration and try not to be literal to stand out in the sea of “the box”( we will call trends from now on “the box”).

Already limitations set in because if you don’t fit into the box then your designs may not sell cause everyone wants to be in the box and look different from the other box-members. Sounds confusing? It is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

Case in Point: New York Fashion Week

After two days I knew every box  transparency, minimalism, airy, 70s, ethereal, nudes, WHITE, longer lengths, minimalism, 70’s, looser fits, WHITE, wind-blown hair, transparency, 70’s, minimalism, nudes, WHITE, clean style lines, little detail, 70’s, minimalism, WHITE, etc. I desperately wanted to post about New York Fashion Week but it was all the same. It was like everyone got the same box and stuffed five days of hundreds of shows into this box and it exploded and bored me.

Stand Outs: Joseph Altuzarra (my new fashion obsession)

Peter Som( played with colour in a good way)

 Oscar de la Renta( although a PR fave I enjoyed it visualised like a couture show )

Jason Wu (this show was beautiful. He made the sheer trend his own)

Anna Sui (because it was an explosion of prints and textures and a welcome break from plain fabrics with no eye-catching details)

Jen Kao( a new designer whom I think I will pay more attention to in the future)

I suppose they’re more. :s

Everyone else blended in some form or fashion. New York Designers…play by your own rules. Please.


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