Weekend Style Picks: Beach Day (2looks4thepostof1)

So, I’ve been craving the beach lately. I don’t know how I even stay away from it considering I live on an island surrounded by lovely beaches. Since my summer vacation is winding down…I think I am going to enjoy this beach time alot more.

I could not decide on one beach outfit so here are two looks. Ta-Da!

The first is features a Emilio Pucci one piece cut out splurge and a cheap-chic double chain headband from ASOS.

The second look features a La Perla Kaiting Beaded Swimsuit and a cheap chic pair of eyelet cut sandals from New Look.

Both looks feature throw-overs from Top-shop and Shop Bop hoops.

Bag-wise:-  I am in love with Miss Marc character from the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. She is so freaking adorable. I love all totes emblazoned with her visage so I threw one from Nordstrom in the mix for look 1. The second look features a Tory Burch tote. Tory Burch is growing on me like a virus. I am in love with her branding. It is strong, it’s distinctive and it makes items look more expensive than they ought to be. 😉   

I enjoy shopping for you. Now get in that vehicle/ plane and head to the nearest beach.

P.S Each item is clickable to a reputable vendor.












This is such an amazing Shay Todd bathing suit. I had to resist building an entire look around it. Plus, I wanted to keep at least one of the bathing suits under $200.


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