BEYOND by Anna Dello Russo

It is decadentI(the bottle). It might even be considered kitsch but my gosh I freaking love it!

I really do. 

If you have EVER read my blog you must know how much I love this woman’s fearless style and you know what?I wouldn’t mind smelling like vanilla and almonds. I love vanilla scents and almonds taste great. 😀  

On a more serious note, I think this a great branding strategy and I believe it will be well recieved.  Anna Dello Russo needs a brand not an actress or tabloid celebrity or reality televeision star.

The reason is simply this she is a style icon. More importantly she knows fashion and the factions of industry.

Honestly, I believe she will know luxurious scents.

I don’t mind having to wait until christmas but whoever my beau is at the time…this will be high on my Christmas list. So future hunny if you are reading…I’d like this perfume please.

The advertising campaign was shot by Giampaolo Sgura with Art Direction by Marco Braga and it was a great job by both.

The photo is clickable to her website so click yourself on over to find out more.


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