Taylor Momsen to hawk John Galliano Perfume: Smells like o_O


Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Well WWD confirmed this bit of news.

If they did this it’s a done deal and our eyes have to bear the consequences.

Not too many fashion people are happy with this choice. I can’t say that I am one of them. 

Her style is teen-angst mixed with a bit of lady-of-the-night who overdosed on mascara. She is 17 for goodness sake and has the countenance of a brokedown barbie 20 years old. She already talks about using a vibrator and how she is so above the maturity of her peers. *rolling my eyes out of their sockets*

I mean you have to give her some credit for doing something else other than blinding her self with mascara and eyeliner. She is an actress, fronts a rock band, signed to IMG modelling agency, the face of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’ label and performs confidently in skimpy lingerie with her tampon string unknowingly exposed. Duh, she was the perfect spokeswoman pitch for IMG.

She seems a little forced with the style and yay for us we recently found out she dumped her stylist to dress herself.

This is why I do not comment on star style. They are popular for the outfits their stylish stylists put them in and take jobs away from real fashion people. A real model should have gotten this gig.

John, booo at you.

Congrats little Jenny Humphery.


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