My Weekend Style Picks: Casual Bohemian

Ok, So I’m going to give you a glimpse into my style which I’m going to describe as Casual-Bohemian. You will come to find it is heavily influenced by prints and I’m a huge dress person. So I’ve rummaged my favourite e-retailers like they were my personal closet to give you my picks for the weekend. This process took just as long as it takes for me to pick out an actual outfit in my real closet the irony is so mind-blowing.

Now, there will always be a splurge item and this week it is a Jimmy Choo Sky large studded suede hobo which retails on Net-a-Porter for $2295usd. I never pack light so this is perfect for me and the colour is very versatile.

The steal is the ASOS Ethnic Bangle which retails for a whopping 10 pounds. So cute and I like to mix in tribal things or things with a vintage look see the Roberto Cavalli large marble disc necklace below.

The theme here is “Afternoon Delight” and this is how I would dress going out for a nice little lunch with my friends.

I mixed in some brand names with some discount retailers so your options are endless. I also gave myself room with a few necklace choices but the look there is definetly vintage.

All the pictures are clickable to their respective e-retailers so if you love something I encourage you to get! 

I had to mix in the statement blue Rupert Sanderson flats the entire ensemble just needed that pop of bright colour. 🙂

Enjoy and have a Fantastic weekend!














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