The Caribbean Files: Khalil Goodman Photography

Fashion Photography is a bit of an obssesion of mine. I adore it. It is a fantasy created with a snap and given the correct combination of factors (stylist, model, photographer, make-up artist, etc.) what an end result can be is pure MAGIC.

Khalil Goodman caught my attention a couple of months ago and honestly I have been dying to showcase his work to everyone since that moment. He is pure talent. His love for fashion photography is undeniable and so are his abilities.

David LaChapelle

While Khalil cites his influences as David LaChapelle and Salvador Dali (a favourite of mine) this Barbadian certainly has created something unique and he owns it.

Khalil is an award winning stalwart-in-training completed his Cambridge A-Level Examinations in Photography and gained a BA (HONS) in English Literature, he treats all his images as texts, with multiple signifiers and complex references for the viewer. He gave me a little insight into his methodology below:

“I draw out some of my images before I shoot them or plan how they are going to go. Instead of a lot of digital manipulation, if we want something to be burning I prefer to just set the motha on fire and shoot it. If I need a large octopus we get the octopus and shoot it. We build sets in my studio (which is in my house) and then when that’s done we tear it down and build another one. It’s labour intensive sometimes but it makes the image.”

What sets his images apart from other local photographers is the highly conceptual nature of some of his stories. Another is the fact that Khalil does many of his visual tricks in camera. As a huge native fan this was such a pleasure and honour. 

I hope you enjoy his photo magic as much as I do.


Feast on the Imagery


“Images shot for design Antonio Cumberbatch recently. There are many more striking ones but I hope to do more with them. We shot at Heymann’s Sugar Factory after a lot of co-ordination with the Barbados Agricultural Management Corp. When I saw Antonio’s clothes with their strong shoulders and lux corsets I thought of Aliens and Glam rock simultaneously. So we decided to tell a story based on Lou Reed’s song “Satellite of Love.”

Models: Victoria Monerville, Elly Jeremie and Tennille Stoute (Fusion Models South Africa)

Make-up: Lia Gajadhar

Photo Assistants: Alicia Alleyne and Jaryd Niles-Morris

Styling Assistant: Natasha Boucher

“Andre’s striking face reminded me of Trinidadian actor Geoffrey Holder portrayal of “Baron Samedi” in The James Bond Film “Live and Let Die”. As the Dark gentleman who is both lord of sex and the afterlife I tried to convey the sinister sexiness of the story.”

Model: Andre Clarke

Agency: Pulse Models (Jamaica)

Photography; Styling : Khalil Goodman

Photo Assistant: Jaryd Niles-Morris


“Thanks to Gadal  Model management I got to test shoot with Remi Chester from San Diego California and he was just awesome. After he shot with me he got signed to Re:Quest in New York and Vision LA.  I love this shot because it’s a more simple but strong image.”


To see more of Khalil Goodman’s fantastic work Click Here


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