Anna Dello Russo: From the Runway to Her Closet with a Finger Snap

Seriously, I love this woman.

She is so amazing and stylish. Not one afraid to push boundaries in the least. She is the epitome of trend today. I heard it said by her own mouth (in a Fashion Television interview) that she wear looks directly from the runway and she wears them as styled because they are perfectly styled already and it is unnecessary to change them. She is right. I will not argue with a genius.

With her impressive resume (as fashion director at large,Vogue Nippon) and close relationships with designers it is not hard to understand why she is a front row staple at any Fashion Week. When Anna wears an outfit it is instantly a best seller. Although I have never met her I can tell she is as more beautiful on the inside than all of  the clothes and jewellery she owns.

Her love for accessories is enviable. Her jewellery collection is tres magnifique.

Pictured below is my absolute favourite event look of hers in a gorgeous head-to-toe Miu Miu ensemble:


View her amazing street style in the photographs below. Yes, my darlings this is her street style… 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To know more about Anna check out her Blog here.

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