Preen Kids: I love this idea MUCHLY! Mini-Preen

Fashion Straight Up! has always been a fan of the Preen brand. I first saw them in 2005 fall/winter and at the time had no idea who they were nor their aesthetic. I however grew to love their great separates and edgy-futuristic Britannia style. Inspired by the birth of their daughter who is now two years old , Thea Bregazzi already wants  to dress her  like mommy and dad Justin Thornton seems to like the idea. *so freaking cute*

” You’ve both expressed interest in designing a children’s line. How’s it developing?
JT: We’re taking our time with it. We have a daughter who’s nearly two, and Thea would like to literally do tiny versions of our clothes — like Mini Preen, minus the cocktail dresses.
TB: I want to design really cool, practical, easy pieces. Since having Fauve, I realized there is just not that much great children’s wear out there. “

Excerpt from NY mag interview read full interview here

Thinking of branching into the kid’s arena is kinda iffy but I imagine your kid just being the coolest underager in fashion E.V.E.R. That is the image I conjure up when I think of Preen Kids. Therefore, I sanction this and can NOT wait.

Take a gander of the photos below and your little ones in Mini Preen 🙂


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