Terry….She’s just not that into you.

French Vogue. Styled by Carine Roitfeld. Model Coco Rocha. Photography by Terry Richardson.

I was doing my usual fashion web browsing and came across these pics needless to say. I was stunnned. I wasn’t impressed with the styling and immediately knew who they shot them. I found out there is a little bit of a negative story which might be associated with them but here is what I think.

My main issue with these pictures is many-fold. She looks amazing yet really uncomfortable. The reason she looks amazing is because she is a great model. I am not impressed by the styling, however. Terry Richardson’s aesthetic is not always appealing and this is one of the times it is not. He has this hit or miss factor. This was a miss. It looks like it teeters on fetish porn. One’s  focus has to be dragged away from this oral fixation of his shots to see anything related to fashion. 

Terry’s photos are fine when he is doing candid photos of people. When he is doing fetish shots for me it gets a little fuzzy.

Coco has stated her unwillingness to work with him again due to the fact that she was uncomfortable. This is very interesting. I’m glad someone in the industry has not only beauty but balls.

 Peep the rest of the picks below.


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