Resort COOLection: “THE LIKES” Karan, Ledger, Saint Laurent, Sui

 The first of the many resort COOLections… I liked these.

The ones I love get a full-blown post.

Auto-Blog Nepotism…It’s totally new. 🙂

Donna Karan


Donna Karan- I love Donna Karan’s classy forty-something year old woman style. It jus says I am accomplished and I am respected. I am classically stylish to the end.  It was lovely but it wasn’t very colourful and looked a bit too mature ala the Liz Clairbourne but it certainly wasn’t ICK. I myself could see a few pieces popping up on some young virile celebs who want to appear classy and mature. 


Herve Ledger


Herve Ledger- The label of the Body Conscious Dress. There were quite a many printed dresses and certainly much colour. However the stuff  I thought worthy of posting was mainly black, white and cream/nude. It was like I was looking at the same dress over and over. They were lovely prints and certainly many choices, I will admit to that. However there is an option for any young starlet wanting to show off that highly paid for figure.

P.S j’adore le swimsuit.


Anna Sui


Anna Sui- She always appeals to the free spirit bohemian in me. I am a huge fan and though I was not overwhelmed. I still loved most of the looks for their wearability and her aesthetic.  Anyone who knows me knows I am a dress fiend. I love them until my wardrobe is beyond ridiculously dress heavy. Anyone who knows me also know I am a prints friend and each season I can count on Anna to give me the goods. Here are a few looks from her resort collection modelled by Chanel Iman.


Yves Saint Laurent


Yves Saint Laurent I loved this it’s not original but it is gorge. I like the garment shapes, style lines, the swimcaps, the colours and the mood it all evokes. It has an amazing retro feel. I DIG THIS.  I am not overwhelmed but I am intrigued.


Photos courtesy


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