Resort collICKtions…..booo

 The not so great of  what is turning out to be a really great Resort Season.

Alexander Wang

I love Alex Wang. I do. I really do. I think he is brilliant and not just because Anna Wintour is trying to brainwash me that he is. His aesthetic is amazing….HOWEVER….I dont think I like his first showing for resort at all.  It is true to his downtown New York Hipster Girl mode but would I want to wear this on vacation? NO.

Calvin Klein

It was just boring. I know Costa is all minimalist but so is Phoebe Philo and her stuff rocks my socks off.  This looks like an expensive nightgown or a mock-up to an expensive nightgown

Rachel Roy

I’m being deathly honest here. I think Rachel Roy is the most gorgeous lady but her style and clothes seem so forced. I’m sorry. It’s never blown me away and I wont force myself into getting it. It kinda looks like JC Penny stuff. The US First Lady wears it sooo…have a looky.

Zac Posen

I was having a convo about how sexy and stylish he and then I saw this resort collICKtion. Ok, have at least one thing that I can wear to the beach or for a leisurely stroll or and evening dinner by the ocean. ONE THING!!!!

ANY resort collection that is gown and formal wear heavy, I immediately dislike. Use your showroom for that give me a few nice cotton suits and swimwear and kaftans and NOT 16 FORMAL LOOKS!!!!!

He is still a great designer though.

Is it me or does it look like her vagina is milking cloth? eww. Horrid style line.Photos courtesy


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