Really Really Resort…the precursor before I begin my onslaught

What is a Resort/Cruise Collection?


Resort collections are for the jet-setters. The travellers. The let’s go to St.Barts today. I need sun STAT! Apparently it was intended for the wealthy who have already purchased their Fall wardrobe and needed their vacation wardrobe to be brand new.

“That’s money, honey” – Lady Gaga         #truerwordshaveneverbeenspoken

I love it though. Resort is perfect. The market is now so big and in demand that every major( and non-major) fashion house does a cruise collection each year. Still ongoing though so check them out!

Link to my favourite website for all the deets on the shows resort and otherwise  STYLE.COM


I gave you Chanel and Bottega Venetta already. I loved those.

Now check out my favourite designer Phoebe Philo’s contribution for Celine. Her style lines are still clean but it makes her minimalism so sexy it hurts. The pallete for this COOLection involves a few prints and bold colours( red, green, yellow….very irie).  I always enjoy what she does though it’s not my personal style I.D. I always see where I can pull incorporate her vibe. 

All images courtesy


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