Fashion Straight Up! New Vocabulary

Yesterday…I had the unfortunate accident of creating a new word while talking to a friend. I don’t think they liked my new word but I think it’s genius (Kat agrees so it must be genius).

World I present to you: *LIPSTINK* (crowd goes wild)

Def: Horrid lipstick colour; a horrid lipstick application

:):) Hehehehhehe :):)

Though created unintentionally. It is hilarious. It is therefore crowned the word of the week. You must use it at least once.

Here are examples of it’s usage:

Her lipstink was soo wrong for her skintone.

This is a total lipstink should be tossed in the nearest garbage.

I hope they didn’t test this lipstink on animals. Eww.

“What a lipstink.”, she whispered.

I’m sure you can come up with more.
Enjoy and your welcome.


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