:( boo and updates

What an inopportune time for all my blogging vehicles save my trusty BB to break down. I am having a communication malfunction. *sigh* *sob*
Soo many great things are happening in fashion too…*sigh* and I haven’t even searched for the next feature fashion photo for my blog’s fanpage on Facebook.

Check It Out: Fashion Straight Up! Facebook Fanpage

I’m gonna get it all done this weekend… I will!

This weekend accessorise for maximum effect! Mix and match you bangles leave the neon tones at home go for neutrals and metallics!

Resort COOLections are coming in check em out! I’ll leave you with a pic of the blogger chilling in her car before the Gadal Make Up Seminar/Competition. The photos have to be in by TOMMORROW! Hehehe, I can’t wait to see how they “apply” their knowledge.

I might look angry in the pic but I am not…just wondering if I came to the right place or made a wrong turn. Also I was thinking I’m gonna kill Katrina for these ridiculous directions! 😀



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