fashion MODEL! straight up ::Kenyah Hope:: This Is Harder Than It Looks

When I saw her walking down hallway immediately I thought “She has great personal style. No question asked about it.” In an electric blue skinny jeans, a loose vest top, a giant gold chain and sneaks (sneakers). I couldn’t believe this was the masked robber from a previous Gadal photo shoot. She always gives an air of exclusiveness and aloofness which comes off with an attitude of either “You can either love me or hate me but you must recognise I AM FABULOUS!”

Her name is Kenyah Hope. This 20 year old student, has been modelling for four years. Kenyah was discovered in a Barbadian Nightclub by scout Courtney Marshall. She was thrusted into the limelight after auditioning to become a contestant on the Barbados Amateur Model Search Show. At the young age of 16, the Christ Church beauty said she knew nothing about modelling and was very shy going on to relay her first modelling experience which she described as extremely “nerve-wracking”.   


Being new to modelling she had neither expectations nor any idea of how to guide her career or which agency to choose after placing first runner up in the above mentioned modelling competition. She mentioned she admired Gadal models from afar and heard only great stuff coming out of the GADAL MODEL MANAGEMENT portfolio models such as Remi, Kristin, Ramon and Raymond. She said she spoke to her mother about it and they decided that Gadal was the best at what they do and she wanted to be a part of the legacy. Gadal Manager Graham saw her walking the Absolut Fashion Show, expressed interest and the rest is history.

With the Gadal team enforcing strict regimens, Kenyah mentioned they are expected to drink lots of water eat right and maintain a focused and channeled state of mind. She stated of the career, “It’s no easy work, it (modelling) is hard work.”

Her modelling career goal is to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. <BIG BUCKS>. She did note this is mainly due to her lean athletic build. It is refreshing to see a model that recognises there is more to modelling than runway and varying body types make up the scope of the industry.  




Here is Kenyah’s Take on the Positives and Negatives of the Modelling Industry:

It definitely takes a strong/bold person to be in this industry since you come across so many different types of personalities and characters that it may be difficult for some to be themselves. E.g. many models change their sexuality, start smoking and pick up traits or bad habits by association. The fact is the industry’s very harsh and forward criticism and rejection may slap you in the face almost everyday. A strong mind can overcome that and being strong helps one strive and work harder for what they want regardless of what happens around them.

Modelling tends to be more physical than anything else and one can build tremendous confidence and make tons of friends. Other positives are disciplinary like punctuality, commitment, manners, multi-tasking and we must not forget patience.
There are also some negatives since the industry is so harsh it may cause persons to become obsessed with their weight and appearance. Some models monitor their looks carefully and eat well while others resort to unhealthy practices. Some models have even died from unhealthy obsessions. Persons may even develop low self-esteem because of so much rejection. Modelling is fast paced and stressful which can then in turn cause people in frustration to use drugs for relaxation or to calm nerves. Modelling careers are short and there is no telling when yours will end.

Model Quick Bites

Here are some of Kenyah’s Fashion Bites

Latest Purchase: My latest fashion purchase was this black top with a loose neck line and the shoulders were square in shape and silver studded. It reminded me of the jackets that the late Michael Jackson used to wear.

Favourite Designer Caribbean or International: My favourite local designer is Pat Blackman, regionally Claudia Pegasus and int’l I’ve not yet decided but i wear a lot of Armani and French Connection along with other urban designs like Ed Hardy.

Favourite Retailer: My fav store in Bim would have to be Super Style Shoe Shop. Every time I go I spend hours deciding which pair and if I’m going to by more than one 🙂 The majority if not all the heels I wear are from this store and they are all “Baller Status” lol.

Shoes or Bags? Definitely shoe fanatic and I embrace all times from flip flops to flats and from sneakers to stilettos.



KENYAH: The Person

Prior to the interview Kenyah had been involved in an incident which was negatively highlighted in the newspaper a few weeks ago. When asked what she had gained from going through the experience she gave words which truly reflect the intelligence of this Barbadian Beauty. She said two specifically resonating quotes to me “If you know who you are then what someone says about you shouldn’t affect that.” and “There is no way you could turn into a good person unless you know what the bad in you looks like.” She said the situation highlighted for her what she doesn’t want for herself and having the problem (her temper) rise to surface, though at an inopportune time, she is now able to address it.

Fashion Straight Up! Blog wants to wish Kenyah the best in all her endeavors. We will keep our eyes on her. She is certainly one to watch.


2 thoughts on “fashion MODEL! straight up ::Kenyah Hope:: This Is Harder Than It Looks

  1. Have loved Kenya from day one….she does great work and highlights the catwalk. she has big things coming her way!!! keep ur head high and focused hun and anything you want to achieve, will be possible….

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