Outakes :::::: More Fashion Straight Up! In Your Horizon::::::: ;)

“Yes! Fashion Straight Up! Blog will make you smile!”, they said.

“Why not be fashionably informed and happy?”, she asked.

Two long sundays ago in the Fashion Universe a shoot took place. It was fun. It was exciting: papers signed, jokes exchanged, photos taken, heat (from the FLASHING LIGHTS), make-up was smoothed onto faces, intelligent conversations and drinking of seemingly never-ending bottles of water!!!!!!  hehehe

Oh My Gosh.

What was the hoped for result? Majical shots….and that’s what we got. 😀

Gadal Model Management’s top female models came through and there Are fabulous photos to prove this.

Special Shout Out to the owners of SnS Photography Studios: Shenicia and Sabrina, you guys are amazing and patient.

Specialer Shout Out to my sister in Fashion Life: Katrina

Specialest Shout Out to the photographer Roystone Hinkson a.k.a Uncle Hinky.

Yes people, special is an adjective that has a comparative and superlative form on this blog. 

I know. I know. This Blog made me sexy.



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