Caribbean Model turned Actress, Forever Stylista: SunQueen Mc

Who is the hottest Queen alive???? Certainly not Elizabeth and she comes with a sexy logo to boot!

It’s none other than Sunnika  McCarthy….better known in the entertainment industry as ‘SunQueen Mc’ (pronounced: sun-kwEEn-mac). She is unmatchable in style and pizazz. Not only does she deliver a great photo everytime, her presence is truly royale! My favourite model to work with hands down…she is patient and makes sure she does what it takes to get the shot!

Now it’s only fitting the SunQueen does the obvious, currently using the English Island (bet you forgot it was an island…:D) as the foundation of her ‘SunQueendom’.   Since moving there last summer, Ms. SunQueen Mc has taken up a higher calling, FILM! A trained theatrical actress and Co-Owner of the boutique consultancy firm, Trident Entertainment Worldwide (Hal Linton’s 1st management team), she is now busy honing her craft and securing her position on the throne of the British Film Industry.

In an exclusive online interview, she took some time out of her busy schedule to give me an insight into her life as a former model, her move to the UK, her personal style and the designers that bring the fire! 


Here is Sunqueen Mc STRAIGHT UP!

Just tell me a bit about yourself and how you got interested in fashion. Who were personal style influences and why?

My name is SunQueen Mc, I’m a trained actress/ vocalist/ writer from Barbados now living in London. My personal style influence: Growing up in NYC in the 80’s was amazing! I remember my mom’s 6 inch stilettos in every colour and cool shoulder padded jackets!

What was your modeling experience in the Caribbean? What did you enjoy most about it?  

My sister, Sukiyaki, and I started modeling on the West Coast with Tennille Stoute and Nadia Joseph when we were all teens. We just meet up, strapped on our stilettos and had fun! I know it might seem strange but I enjoyed the Sunday afternoon breeze walking up that long hill to practice. There’s still nothing like it!  

I know you are one of the most accommodating and hardworking actresses I have ever met. Why do you think this is?  I look at it this way. If you want it, GO GET IT! (period)

What is your style philosophy?  Make it seem effortless. 

How has it been going from an island girl to an English Imported Rose changed /expanded your fashion views and impacted your style?

 Tremendously! Growing up in NYC it was kicks and fitted hats. The Caribbean inspired my long skirt and tam era and now in London, it’s all about the boots and funky coats.. I love it! 


Is there anything about fashion in the Caribbean that you miss the most?

  The fabrics, colours and patterns!      

When was your latest fashion splurge? Where, what, why? 

This morning! Walking through Carnaby Street, I just couldn’t resist French Connection!

Which piece of clothing, accessory, shoe, etc. can’t you live without right now?  My Indian scarf    

What Career projects are you working on currently?  My website:

How can you be contacted?  eMAIL:  

 Straight Up! Quick Bites

Fave Designer International/Caribbean 

Pam Hogg (trying to get my hands one of those cat suits!/ Nefertiti (she made my 1st Sandy Lane Gold Cup outfit)/ 🙂T.Todd (designer of my Miss Barbados World 2005 evening gown! 

Fave UK retailer 

French Connection (2010 spring collection is one fire! / TopShop (affordable, trendy, a real one stop shop!)  TopShop is the boss!

Fave Magazine    Essence          

No. of Shoes Owned   94 pairs (in London!) 😉      <—that is crazy. smh

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Fashion Straight Up! wants to wish SunQueen Mc the greatest success in her endeavours. We know she is more than talented enough to get to the zenith she is climbing for.

Straight Up! Interview Seal of Approval.


2 thoughts on “Caribbean Model turned Actress, Forever Stylista: SunQueen Mc

  1. SunQueen is a true professional, a real joy to work with and an actress that is sure to take the british movie industry by storm. 200% determination, huge ambition and genuinely talented, she is a great inspiration to those she works with.

    Model or actress, SunQueen Mc has a great future ahead.

    Great interview too, well done SunQueen and Fashion Straight.

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