Project Runway: You must be the B.I.T.C.H

I’m terribly happy Seth Aaron won. He is quite a lovely personality.

I don’t care what anyone says about Mila being a bitch. She is a woman in the only industry which shouldn’t be dominated by men but it still is…..albeit gay ones(love the fashion gays tho). She has to be tough or no one will ever look at her or her designs twice no matter how great they are. TOUGH personalities is what  a fashion female need

Exhibit A: Anna Wintour VOGUE US editor in chief

Exhibit B: Carine Roitfield VOGUE PARIS editor in chief

If you are too happy people will think you are a joke. Be Straight Up! always.

If you think im joking remember Ping from this season….crying crying crying. You get the sense she is emotionally unstable based on her weepyness<–not a word. (I truly hope she is not.)

OK… I LOVE EMILIO SOSA but I didn’t like his line/collection.  It reminded me of in Living Colour so nineties and bulky. I did however love his brandname print E-SOSA. It was beautiful and he should launch and push that.


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