Why you shudn’t only be impressed by high end brands…do a mixer!

A mixer….????

Fashion Straight Up Definition

mixer~a glamourous mix of high, medium and low end brands

Speaking from a designer’s point of view (not a HIGH end one, YET!)

High end brands most often get their branding from decades and centuries of built up clientele and bodies of work. I know I did not say quality of product. I want to state it proudly quality is in the eye of the beholder.

She must be crazy???? :s That is what ur thinking but I simply am not going to be fooled by the media and hear say.

A true fashionista knows that innovation is just as compelling a buying force as brandname.

I would take an innovative lower-cost well made product from H&M any day over a high-priced well made product though not quite as innovative from Gucci.

P.S. wearing Burberry check head to toe is not cute. I REPEAT….NOT CUTE!!!

How about a cute Marc Jacobs clutch with a Forever 21 top, Levi jeans, top shop scarf, guess heels n vintage Marni jewellery.

Branders are no fun at all and it shows a lack of variety and fashion knowledge.

How are you gonna do your mixer today?

For great candid fashion lookz check this blog out: 


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